BBB Major a Friar Creation

Ann Kelly ’76 is credited with creating the Biological Basis of Behavior major at Penn. She was a leading behavioral neuroscientist in the world and gave a Nobel lecture in Stockholm before her death

We got you into Penn!

Dean of Admissions Eric Furda is a familiar Friar face on campus. He follows the big footprints left behind by former Dean (and Friar)  Lee Stetson

We added hats to Hey Day

Friars added the senior march to Hey Day festivities and the 1949 Friars were credited with the idea of wearing straw hats to give the ceremonies an added “interest”

Saturday Night Live

From 2010-2017, our own Vanessa Bayer ’04 killed it as a cast member of SNL and has branched out to fun roles in movies

To the MOON and back

Friar Samuel Campbell III ’56 and his family are proud to have created the Moon Pie in their Chattanooga Bakery in Tennessee

May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor

Friar Elizabeth Banks’ famous catchphrase in The Hunger Games movie franchise. We say she’s a “Pitch Perfect” Friar!

Friar Flash

The first honor society to have a fun “secret” sign is not secret anymore! Created by Kyle Kozloff in 1990,  other honor societies have tried to match it but our Flash is still the best

First Feb Club Ever

In 1993 Feb Club became an official part of a Penn senior’s year because Friar Class President Michael Rosenband ’93 added it (an idea he and Friar Val Thompson ’92 started for fun with friends the year before)

Hello, Governor

Friar and President of the Government Club at Penn, it is no surprise that one of the most effective Philly Mayors and PA Governors is the Hon. Ed Rendell

You Walk Past Friars Daily! 

One school, three buildings, three athletic venues and more are named for Friars: (Walter) Annenberg School of Communication,  Annenberg Public Policy Center, Claudia Cohen Hall, George A. Weiss Pavillion, John R. Rockwell Gymnasium, Robert P. Levy Tennis Pavillion and Ellen Vagelos Field

The Quaker Is a Friar?

The first school mascot was created in the fall of 1964 by Friar Dick Drury ’66 after seeing the Temple Owl and LaSalle Hawk mascots in action at sporting events and noting that Penn had none. The first mascot outfit was meant to look like Ben Franklin but after he graduated It became a generic “Quaker”.

Friar Firsts at Penn

More than 65 groups or events at Penn were founded at Penn by Friars including the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Onyx and Oracle Senior Societies, Counterparts, Penn Fashion Week, The Vision, The Walk, FocusFirst Philly, and the African American Arts Alliance

The Friar Bench

Our bench, in front of the Sweeten Alumni House is the only honor society bench on campus.  We also have a Friars Room on the first floor of College Hall

CHALK it up to Friars!

Friars was the first society to add chalk messages to Locust Walk in celebration of their newest inductees each fall and spring

Oldest Society on Campus

Founded in 1899 and inspired by the leadership of Daniel Keller, Jr. ’01, Friars was created to help promote democracy at Penn when the minority used to rule the majority

US Congress is Friar Country

Congressmen Harold E. Ford Jr. was one of the youngest members of Congress in US history and now this Friar can often be found reporting on the political climate for TV

Friars In the Big League

After years of owning a minor league baseball team, Friar Kevin O’Malley became part owner of the San Diego Padres and is also owner of Top of the Third, Inc.

Friar Name in Lights

Friar Jonah Platt has starred in Wicked and joins Gayle Samuels, Kate Jennings Grant, Mark Zimmerman, and Angela Ai who have also performed  on Broadway

Taking Care of Babies

Friar Bob Borer ’59 developed perinatal medicine used for the entire country of Qatar and for the Sultanate of Oman

Smarty Pants

Thirteen Friars have been named Thouron Scholars or Fellows, two became Truman Scholars and six have won Fulbrights

Discovering the Cure to Cancer

We’re working on that one…